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One of your three "out-of-class experiences may consist of field trips to local or regional natural areas of environmental significance. The field trip should be a full day excursion of approximately 8 hours (or longer if travel time is significant. Suggested destinations are given below. Additional detail about travel, preparation, and activities will be provided in the coming week. The degree of physical fitness required varies with each trip. There are 50 points of credit earned for participation on the field trip and submission of an analytic/reflection paper relating the experiences and issues associated with the trip to one of the themes of the class. See the syllabus for paper requirements and evaluation rubric. Your paper should also include photo-documentation of your trip.

More information regarding each field trip will be found on the web page links coming soon. Field trip plans should be submitted to the Moodle assignment page.

The destinations below are suggestions; you may propose alternative field trip destinations.

  • San Joaquin River: visit the river at a minimum of two locations; access locations include Jensen River Ranch; Friant Fish Hatchery; San Joaquin River Gorge. 30 to 80 miles round trip, depending on locations chosen.
  • Grant Grove giant sequoias in Kings Canyon National Park: depending upon snow conditions, limited access to the grove may be available approximately 125 miles round trip from Fresno. (Other groves such as Giant Forest & Mariposa are also possibilities)
  • Yosemite Valley: the park is currently open but Covid precautions may close the park or make access by reservation in advance through or by YARTS bus.  Approximately 160 miles round trip from Fresno.
  • Sequoia National Park: Low-elevation foothill trails are accessible throughout the year. Giant Forest at higher elevation may have limited access due to snow. This option is good for Tulare and Kings County residents; approximately 80 miles round trip from Visalia.
  • Moro Bay &/or Montana de Oro: estuary, rocky intertidal, wildlife, coastal strand habitats. Approximately 270 miles round trip from Fresno.
  • San Luis & Merced Wildlife Refuges: best planned for early in the semester while migratory birds over-winter; approximately 200 miles round trip from Fresno.

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